Many areas in the United States have well-known historical sites. But only the Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News, VA region can boast of being the place to which the American nation can trace its illustrious history. Cape Henry, the spot near Virginia's Chesapeake Bay, is where, in 1607, three ships filled with English settlers landed to establish the first permanent colonial presence in the New World. It's little wonder then that the cities of Newport News, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach, VA all resonate with history's evocative rhythms.

The Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News VA metropolitan statistical area is one of Virginia's largest, with over 1.6 million estimated residents. All three cities in the Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News, VA area are among Virginia's more populous. According to the most recently available statistics, Norfolk's population is 237,835, Virginia Beach's is 425,257, and Newport News comes in at 180,150.

The Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News area's estimated median household income is $41,915. The military is the region's dominant employer, accounting for close to 120,000 jobs. Not surprising, given that Norfolk Naval Base, the world's largest, and the Norfolk Naval Shipyard are both located here. Other sectors providing significant employment:

  • Retail, a source of over 100,000 jobs
  • Health Care and Education, supply over 86,000 jobs

Aside from the Navy, other noteworthy employers in the Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News VA area include:

  • The Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock company, once the largest shipyard in the world.
  • The Norfolk Southern Corporation, a Fortune 500 company and owner of the fourth largest railroad line in America.

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