Situated in both DeKalb County (population 665,000) and Gwinnett County (population 725,000), Tucker, Georgia had an estimated population of almost 27,000 residents according to the 2000 census bureau. If Tucker ever officially incorporated, it would be the largest city in DeKalb County after Atlanta (470,000 residents).

Tucker, GA originated as a major railroad depot, delivering supplies to local businesses. Although its importance as a trading post has greatly diminished in recent years, Tucker received a generous grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission to develop a Livable Cities Initiative that would revitalize its Main Street and help attract more businesses to the region.

Per capita income in Tucker, GA is approximately $28,000 a year, and per household income is close to $60,000 a year. Nearly 90% of residents over the age of 25 possess a high school diploma, and roughly 40% possess a bachelor's degree or higher.

Major employers and contributors in Tucker include the local public school system and the local government. Building supplies, hardware, and general construction still thrive in this city just 15 miles outside of Atlanta proper. Approximately 31% of Tucker residents commute to Atlanta on a daily basis, so any number of white-collar and blue-collar jobs within this major metropolis account for a sizable portion of employment for a Tucker resident.

In addition to the Livable City Initiative, Tucker has also undergone fairly radical changes due to Atlanta's infamous urban sprawl. Strip malls, traffic, large-scale construction, congestion, pollution, and widespread business development is prevalent throughout the greater Atlanta metropolitan area, and Tucker has been no exception.

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