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Graduate and undergraduate degree programs in computer engineering, web design, computer networking, computer programming, technology management, web development, and more.

What is a Computers & Technology degree?

A technology degree provides you with knowledge and skills for a dynamic computer-related career. Modern advancement in technology is the key to development in many other working sectors around the globe. Whether it is education or medicine, commerce or mechanical engineering, technology offers expansion and growth. Computer hardware, data mining, technical writing, web design & web development are a few of the many specializations in technology degree programs offered at university and college levels.

If you are interested in a new career or furthering your present career in Information Technology, WorldWideLearn.com features accredited degree and certificate programs in a wide range of computer and technology disciplines.

Here's a small sampling of technology areas you may be interested in:

  • Applications Programming
  • Communications
  • Computer Programming
  • Database Administration
  • Data Storage
  • Database Systems
  • E-Commerce
  • Library Technician
  • Networks
  • Operating Systems
  • Support
  • Systems Analysis
  • Technical Writers
  • Web Development
  • Computer Design
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Manufacturing
  • Data Mining
  • Data Services
  • Digital Security
  • Game Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Information Management
  • Information Systems
  • Internet Consultant
  • Network Security
  • Software Design
  • Telecommunications

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Degrees in Programming and Software Development

Degree programs in computer science and programming from accredited universities and colleges:

Computer & Software EngineeringComputer engineering, and computer science and engineering programs, for training in PC technology and systems, software engineering, hardware, and other technical and technology-related programs.
Computer ProgrammingFind programs in computer programming and software engineering, to develop the hottest new programs for laptop and desktop PC computers.
Computer ScienceDiscover programs in computer science, software engineering, computer engineering, systems engineering, computer studies, and computer architecture.

Degrees in Networking

Degree programs in computer networking and network administration from accredited universities and colleges:

Computer NetworkingNetwork Technology programs, with areas of study including: Network Architecture and Design, Computer Network Technology, Computer Networking and Security Management, and Computer Networking.
Network AdministrationIf you are interested in a career managing computer networks start with these programs in computer network management and network administration offered by accredited universities and colleges .
Network SecurityExplore programs in computer networking and security management.
SecurityWith more and more of our personal and proprietary information online, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Learn how to protect everything from personal PCs to multinational networks.

Degrees in Web Design and Internet

Degree programs in web development and web design from accredited universities and colleges:

Game Design & DevelopmentUse the latest technology to create life-like and thrilling computer entertainment simulations and games. Enjoy designing the next Quake-beater, for Playstation, Xbox, or other consoles or computer platforms.
Graphics & MultimediaExplore the world of multimedia with programs in digital design, video and audio clip design, mp3 and other popular media formats.
Information ScienceComputer and information science programs available at professional schools across the USA and Canada.
Information SystemsDevelop your career in IT with a program in information systems (IS) or computer information systems (CIS), with curricula in database management, information flow, and hardware/software support systems.
Information Systems SecurityInformation systems security and information technology security programs available at career-oriented schools in your neighborhood.
Information TechnologyInformation technology is a booming field, with IT careers hotter than ever. Launch your tech career with the following information technology (IT) programs.
Technical Support & RepairCall centers are busy places with extraordinary scheduling and management needs. Start a career managing one of the most important parts of the customer care chain.
Web DesignInterested in becoming a web designer? Find programs in web design, including courses in: site design, web graphics, HTML, visual communication, and more.
Web DevelopmentGet your web development career started with in-demand skills like advanced web languages, web application development, web tools, information architecture, web servers, security, e-commerce solutions, and more.

Other Computer Related Degrees

Other degree programs related to computers from accredited universities and colleges:

Database ManagementHelp keep your company's data organized and easily accessible with database management training.
Technical ManagementA good technical manager possesses a rare combination of up-to-date technical knowledge and broad management skills. You'll learn both in a technology management degree program.
TelecommunicationsThe telecom industry is growing faster than ever, and it needs technicians, repairmen, scientists, designers, IT specialists, engineers, salespeople, cultural interpreters, and managers.
Vendor CertificationsTake online exam prep courses for certification exams from Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, Cisco, Java and more.

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