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Graduate and undergraduate degree programs in biotechnology, agriculture, chemistry, environmental science, biology, GIS, mathematics, fire physics, and more.

What does it mean to have a Science degree?

A science education can offer programs with transferable credits, certificate, bachelor's, master's or an associate degree to your professional background. Science encompasses many areas from library science to physics to laboratory research science and the applied sciences combines a curriculum with your hands-on experiences prior to going to school.

In industries employing scientists, there is growing demand for people who combine the technical skills of their science education with business orientation and skills. WorldWideLearn.com's universities and colleges that offer science programs are designed for students to excel in learning how to communicate well, think critically and apply their own insights and perspectives.

Degrees in Science

Degree programs in science from accredited universities and colleges:

Aviation ScienceIn professional aviation, aviation and aeronautical science, aviation management, aviation flight technology and aviation studies offered by accredited universities and colleges.
BiologyLooking for a in biology or biological sciences? Graduate degrees in biology, life sciences, microbiology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, molecular biology and biology education offered by accredited universities and colleges.
BiotechnologyLooking for a career in biotech or to upgrade skills in the biotechnology or biomedical field? Find where medical and life sciences merge with technology, in one of the programs listed below.
ChemistryA chemistry degree can prepare you for advanced study or a career in a variety of fields, including chemical science and manufacturing, environmental science, agriculture, medicine, geoscience, and atmospheric science.
Environmental SciencePrograms in environmental management, environmental engineering, environmental sciences, natural resource management and sustainable development offered by accredited universities and colleges.
Mathematics & StatisticsIf you have a head for numbers, a degree in math and/or statistics serves as excellent preparation for careers in engineering, insurance, education, physics, architecture, operations research and more.
PhysicsWant to know how the universe works? With a physics degree, you could qualify to become a clinical or research physicist, an astronomer, an atmospheric scientist, a chemist, a materials scientist, or a geoscientist--to name a few.
Veterinary Science & Animal CareLove animals--but don't love the long wait and expense of a good vet school? Train to become a veterinary technician or technologist, or start even sooner as a pet groomer or obedience trainer.

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