San Antonio, Texas is the second most populous city in Texas with more than 1.2 million residents. Although most major metropolitan areas are home to many residents in suburban areas, San Antonio is mostly concentrated within the city limits. The metropolitan area with its eight counties increases the population of the San Antonio area to about 1.8 million. San Antonio's economy depends on national defense, health care, and tourism.

Over 150,000 people, military and civilian, are employed in defense-related work. U.S. Army and Air Force military bases in San Antonio, TX attract people with jobs for the skilled trades, careers in research or strategy, or opportunities to go into national defense.

The health care industry also employs many residents of San Antonio. One example, the South Texas Medical Center, is a joint effort of schools, hospitals, clinics, and research laboratories that supports a $12 billion biomedical industry and a staff of 27,000.

Also contributing significantly to the economy of San Antonio are the twenty million tourists who visit the city every year. Hotels, convention centers and other tourist-based industries are always growing to keep up with the flow of tourists.

Financial institutions are another major employer. Companies with offices in San Antonio include:

  • Bank of America
  • Citibank
  • Washington Mutual
  • USAA (insurance and banking for US military personnel and their families)

In terms of corporate presences, communications companies AT&T and ClearChannel are based in San Antonio, TX, offering jobs to those with solid communication experience and an interest in media.

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San Antonio, Texas (TX) Colleges and Universities

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