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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania earned the nickname "City of Champions" thanks to a long history of football, baseball, and other Pennsylvania sports successes. Second in size only to Philadelphia, Pittsburgh's population is 322,918. Its low cost of living (16% below the national average, with a median home value of $91,900) and robust public school system have made it a popular place to live. Pittsburgh spends 72% more per student in its public school students than the national average, and its student-teacher ration is only 19:1.

Pittsburgh's patchwork of neighborhoods provides a colorful downtown and surrounding area, reflecting the city's history of immigration and new beginnings. Its economy has fluctuated with the times. Until the mid-90s, Pittsburgh was largely industrial, capitalizing on the raw materials surrounding the metropolitan area, but the loss of those jobs to outsourcing has forced the city to grow its technology, hospitality and healthcare industries.

These efforts have begun to pay off. Its unemployment rate is decreasing and other industries, such as tourism, have added more than 10,000 jobs in recent years. The city has recently formed the Propel Pittsburgh Commission, aimed at youth retention, and is also in the midst of building a new multi-use arena to house the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team. Pittsburgh's largest employer, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, is relocating to the city's largest downtown skyscraper, adding 2,500 jobs to the downtown area.

With its tourist industry on the rise, Pittsburgh is shedding its reputation as Philadelphia's ugly stepsister. Visitors and residents alike can enjoy fresh produce from a variety of farmers' markets, a Steelers or Buccaneers game, a cup of coffee from Nicholas Coffee Co. (roasting since 1919), a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's famous Fallingwater home, and the annual Pittsburgh Tour de Cure bike ride for diabetes research.

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