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Phoenix is Arizona's largest city, with the city comprised of well over 1 million people (1,388,416). Second to Phoenix is Tuscon (507,658), followed by Mesa (432,376), Glendale (232,838), and Scottsdale (217,989). Over half of the population of Arizona lives in Phoenix. The third-largest largest capitol city and the 5th largest city in the US, the metropolitan area of Phoenix has a population of over 3 million.

Phoenix was named for its heat, which is present virtually year round. Called "The Valley" for its geographical location between Arizona mountain ranges, and also "Valley of the Sun," the Phoenix-Mesa area is known to reach temperatures of over 100 degrees routinely during the summer. Neighboring Scottsdale has become a premiere resort destination, with golf courses and hotels lining its borders.

The average income for the Phoenix-Mesa area is $31,133 per capita, 94% of the national average. The economy's main sectors include these:

  • Aircraft parts, agricultural chemicals, and electronic equipment are manufactured in the Phoenix-Mesa area.
  • Manufacturing also contributes to Phoenix's economy.
  • The tourism of Phoenix and Scottsdale is vital to its economy, as over 10 million visitors travel to Arizona each year to vacation.

Nearly 90 flights operate to Phoenix from within the US, and an additional 17 international cities offer flights there. The airport is struggling to accommodate this activity, with almost 80 current projects totaling over $600 million to complete. The Valley of the Sun is truly the center of Arizona's economy, as well as an important western resource.

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