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With a metropolitan area of nearly 2 million, Kansas City is the 7th largest city in the Midwest. It is Missouri's largest city with a population of 442,768, followed by St. Louis (332,223) and Springfield (150,867). It's sister city with the same name sits across the border in Kansas, and these two cities, along with over 130 others, comprise the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Called "the City of Fountains" for the more than 200 fountains in the Kansas City area, the city's unofficial nickname is "Paris on the Plains." In the late 19th century, city planners developed an interlocking system of parks and boulevards, drawing comparison to France's most famous city.

The City of Fountains is the second largest rail center in the US, due to its proximity to the nation's geographic center (it is within 250 miles). Trade, transportation, and utilities are the area's largest industries, and employ the most number of workers. These other industries employ the rest of the city's residents:

  • Government
  • Business (private and public)
  • Healthcare and Education

Other major employers like Sprint, Ford, and the University of Kansas employ more than 5,000 workers each. A number of tax credits attract new business relocating from higher costs on either coast each year, making Kansas City a good place to do business.

The average income in the Kansas City metropolitan area is $34,585 per capita, just above the national average. Kansas City currently has several new job training programs, and a mayor that has put over $4 billion into the city in the effort to create a "New Kansas City."

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