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Thinking about a career in the hospitality or culinary industry? You're not alone. Over 11.2 million people worked in food preparation and serving-related occupations in 2007, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). With the right career training, you could become one of them.

Career Training in Culinary Arts

Culinary training covers much more than cooking classes. You'll also study business, kitchen safety, and service-related aspects of the culinary world. Popular degree and certificate programs include:

  • Culinary Arts: chef training includes courses in classical cuisine, knife skills, nutrition, and plating
  • Catering: aspiring catering workers and owners learn more about organization, advertising, and the business side of catering
  • Baking & Pastry: a focused degree program, includes courses in bread baking, desserts, chocolate, and more

College Degrees in Hospitality

From travel agents to tour guides, hotel managers to bridal consultants, hospitality workers do it all. Training isn't always required for some entry-level positions, but hospitality workers hoping to move to a higher level or start their own business should consider a degree in this dynamic field. Popular college degree programs include:

  • Hospitality Management: degrees include hotel and restaurant management, food and beverage service, and restaurant ownership
  • Travel & Tourism: programs include global travel, tourism, travel agent training, and travel business management
  • Event Planning: certificates include wedding or event planning, bridal consulting, and meeting planning

Typical Hospitality & Culinary Salaries

Salaries vary widely based on experience and education. According to the BLS, the median annual salary of chefs and head cooks was $37,160 in 2007. That same year, lodging managers earned a median wage of $44,240, with food service managers taking home $44,570. While no educational program can guarantee a particular salary, training may be preferred, or required, especially in areas with high job competition.

Degrees in Hospitality & Culinary

Degree programs in hospitality & culinary from accredited universities and colleges:

Baking & PastryStart a sweet career with training in baking & pastry arts: desserts, chocolate, icing and more, in addition to general culinary training in kitchen procedures and food safety.
CateringPut a business spin on your culinary career with catering training in business, management and entrepreneurship.
Culinary ArtsThe traditional culinary curriculum covers all the bases: basic kitchen safety and procedures, the major cuisines, plating and in some cases, restaurant or hospitality management.
Event PlanningTurn your organizational skills into a career in event planning: meeting or conference organization, bridal consulting, wedding planning and more.
Hospitality ManagementLearn to manage a hotel, restaurant, spa or other hospitality facility with training in management, organization, problem solving and above all customer service and interpersonal communication.
Travel & TourismHelp your clients or customers enjoy themselves when you work as a travel agent, hospitality manager, recreation leader, or tour guide.

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