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Career Planning
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Graduate and undergraduate degree programs in nursing, alternative medicine, dental hygiene, nutrition, pharmacy, health care, psychology and more.

Health professionals explore new basic, clinical and applied research frontiers in health and biomedical sciences and translate these discoveries, wherever possible, into applications in the health and commercial sectors.

Since the health professions are a very broad field, its best to explore all the avenues of opportunity. If you currently work in the field, you will have some experience as to what field you are interested in to advance your career. The scope of health and medical degrees range from osteopathic medicine, pharmacy, nursing, graduate nursing, physical therapy, physician assistant studies, health professions education and veterinary medicine. WorldWideLearn.com has listed our campus programs available from accredited universities and colleges throughout in North America.

Career Programs in Health Care

Career programs in health from accredited universities and colleges:

Health & Medical SciencesLooking for a new career in health science or to upgrade your current qualifications in medical science? and diplomas in health science, medical science, health arts and biomedical science from accredited universities and colleges.
Health Care AdministrationAre you wanting to enter or further your career in the health industry? Choose accredited in health care administration.
Medical TechnologyHelp accelerate patients' diagnosis, treatment and recovery with your knowledge of applied medical technology such as sonography, radiology, or surgical technology.
Public HealthAccomplish your healthcare career goals with advanced public health training in health education, community outreach, policy and advocacy, and more.
Radiologic ScienceStudy to become an X-ray technician or diagnostic sonographer

Career Programs for Allied Health Professionals

Career programs in allied health care professions from accredited universities and colleges:

Alternative MedicineAchieve your dreams of a holistic healthcare career with training in acupuncture, acupressure, natural health, herbology, holistic nutrition, and more.
EMS & ParamedicAct fast to save lives as an emergency medical technician (EMT) or paramedic. Emergency medical services training includes CPR and the management of cardiac, respiratory and traumatic-injury emergencies.
Health EducationHelp promote good health habits in the classroom, your community, or throughout your country. You'll learn communication and outreach skills in addition to basic medical training.
LaboratoryQualify to become a laboratory assistant in a medical setting. As a clinical laboratory technologist or technician, you'll play an essential role in the diagnosis and treatment of health problems.
Medical & Dental AssistantLearn fundamental office skills, adapted for a medical or dental setting: patient scheduling, office organization, ordering medical supplies and performing basic clinical procedures.
NursingJoin one of the most in-demand professions in the U.S. Nursing schools and hospitals are constantly in need of new candidates for this rewarding career.
PharmacyInvestigate programs including Doctor of Pharmacy, pharmaceutical management, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacy assistant and pharmacy technician.
Physician AssistantEnjoy the rewards of a career spent helping people get better--without spending years in medical school. PAs take medical histories, examine and treat patients, and in many cases even prescribe medicine.
Psychology & Mental HealthDiscover programs in clinical psychology, counseling psychology, organizational psychology, psychological health, school psychology, sport psychology, and child psychology. Psych programs allow you to work effectively with psychologists.
Respiratory TherapyTake advantage of good job opportunities in this expanding field. Respiratory therapists and assistants diagnose and treat patients with chronic or injury-related breathing problems.
Sports & FitnessHelp Americans get into better shape with training as a sports medicine practitioner, personal trainer or fitness specialist, athletic manager or coach, and more.

Health & Medical Degree Programs | College and Universities

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