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Based on median household income, the greater Grand Rapids, Muskegon-Holland Michigan metropolitan statistical area (MSA) ranks a solid 39th out of 280 MSAs evaluated by the 2000 Bureau of the Census. After Detroit, the Grand Rapids, Muskegon-Holland metropolitan area is home to 1,088,514 people, the second-largest population in the state of Michigan.

Grand Rapids, county seat for Kent County, is situated on banks of Michigan's Grand River where, in the early 20th century, it earned the nickname "Furniture City." Both Michigan communities became leaders in furniture manufacturing and shipping.

Today the Michigan furniture industry has declined, except in the niche for office furniture. "Furniture City" also has diversified into auto parts manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace, and retailing. The completion of the DeVos Place Convention Center has added business hosting to the Michigan's revenue stream.

Top Grand Rapids, Muskegon-Holland employers include:

  • American Seating and Steelcase
  • Baker Furniture
  • Van Andel Institute
  • Adac Plastics
  • Lear Corporation
  • Siemens Dematic
  • Meridian Automotive Systems
  • Smiths Aerospace

Grand Rapids has a per capita income of $30,739, 93% of the national average. Still, it has a 7.4% growth rate, which marks it at 1% below the national growth average.

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