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Graduate and undergraduate degree programs from universities and colleges in education, early childhood education, corporate training, higher education, teacher licensure, instructional technology, and more.

Why get a degree in Education?

An Education degree prepares students with programs that combine subject matter knowledge with teaching knowledge and skills, and research programs that reflect the multiple perspectives that are so essential for dealing with today's education issues. Education is one of the largest industries in the United States which means an amazing array of careers and jobs available to you.

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Degrees in Education - General Programs

General education degree programs in from accredited universities and colleges:

Assessment & Evaluation Learn proven methods for ensuring that students are learning.
Corporate Training Develop the specialized teaching and communication abilities to train working adults in the unique skills and strategies of their fields.
Curriculum Design Find education programs in curriculum and instruction, curriculum, instruction and assessment, curriculum design, instructional design, and more.
Educational Administration Programs in educational administration . Specialization areas include administration and supervision, leadership in educational administration, school development and leadership, and more.
Educational Technology Programs in education with specializations in educational technology, curriculum and technology, instructional technology, integrating technology in the classroom, and teaching with technology.
ESL Prepare for certification to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) to children and/or adults.
Literacy & Reading Education programs in reading and literacy are offered by accredited universities . Specializations include Elementary Reading & Literacy, Literacy and Language, Elementary Reading, and Literacy and Learning in the Content Areas.
Teacher Aide Start your education career off right with training as a teacher's aide. This typically part-time profession is perfect for parents and adult students.
Teacher License Accredited universities offer the following certificate programs for a teacher license: K-12 education, elementary or secondary education, and Master of Arts in Teaching.

Degrees in Education - Instructional Levels

Degree programs in education from accredited universities and colleges:

Adult Education Accredited universities offer such as Master of Arts degrees, Master of Science degrees, and PhD programs in Education with specializations in Adult Education.
Child Development Build specialized skills for working with children as a day care worker, elementary teacher or administrator, or even as a child psychologist or researcher.
Distance Education Education in distance education . Programs offered: Master of Distance Education, Master of Education in e-Learning, Teaching Online specializations, Instructional Design for Online Learning, and more.
Early Childhood Education Find programs near you in Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Emphasis.
Education Education programs including Master of Education Programs with specializations in distance education, educational leadership, educational administration, curriculum design, and more from accredited universities and colleges .
Higher Education If you love campus life, keep it up. Train to work as a university staffer, professor or even a dean.
K-12 Education Programs in K-12 education with specializations in advanced classroom instruction, literacy and language, elementary reading & literacy, middle level education, and more.
Physical & Health Education As the U.S.'s obesity epidemic gets worse, it's more important than ever to instill good health and fitness habits among our youth. Get certified as a PE teacher or health educator.
Special Education Accredited universities offer the following programs with specializations in Special Education and Educational Specialist with Mental Health focus.

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