Cheyenne isn't just the state capital of Wyoming; it's also fondly known as the "Rodeo and Railroad Capital." This bustling center of commerce, located at the crossroads of two major railroads and Interstates 25 and 80, is a place where the beauty, history, and excitement of the West comes alive. Come to see Big Boy, the largest steam engine in the world, and enjoy the world's largest outdoor rodeo during Cheyenne Frontier Days. Known as the "gateway of Wyoming," Cheyenne greets visitors on their way to Devil's Tower National Monument and Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks. And Cheyenne makes for easy access to other major Wyoming cities such as Laramie, Denver, and Fort Collins.

Cheyenne's population in 2003 was 53,847. As of 1999, its per capita income was $19,809, just below the national average. Cheyenne has a booming government economy with many local, state, and federal government employees. In fact, one in three employees works for the city or state government. Many have careers with F.E. Warren Air Force Base, but thousands of government employees are in non-military jobs.

Cheyenne's residents enjoy growing job opportunities in the private sector, partly because Wyoming has such amazing tax advantages (no state or local corporate income tax, personal income tax, inventory tax, or sales tax on fuel, power or manufacturing raw materials). The largest private employer remains Union Pacific Railroad, but there are several other industries with solid growth potential:

  • Refineries
  • Telecommunications
  • Credit card servicing
  • Light industrial
  • Retail stores

With tax advantages, thriving local government, and an important military installation, Cheyenne is a great place to take advantage of career education opportunities. The colleges and universities in and around Cheyenne can prepare you to enter this vibrant workforce.

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Cheyenne, Wyoming (WY) Colleges and Universities

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