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Graduate and undergraduate degree programs from universities and colleges in business, management, sales, leadership, industry, project management, communications, hospitality, and more.

Leaders shape the world of business and prepare to face the toughest challenges. Business takes confidence, effectiveness and respect to succeed and make differences in a company. A business education studies all disciplines and functional areas, from finance and marketing to corporate strategy and entrepreneurial studies. Business students learn strong core values while shaping an intellectual process that constantly questions, tests new ideas and applies innovative solutions.

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Degrees in Accounting & Finance

Degree programs in accounting and finance from accredited universities and colleges:

AccountingAccounting and certificate programs are offered by accredited universities and colleges . Specializations include managerial accounting, professional accounting, finance, and more.
FinanceAccredited universities offer programs in finance, accounting & finance, and business finance.
Financial PlanningInterested in a career as a financial planner? Find financial planning programs from accredited universities and colleges . Learn income tax planning, estate planning, investment planning, and more.
Forensic AccountingFind instances of economic crime with a program in forensic accounting. Financial investigating, business ethics and business law are all covered.
TaxationWork as a tax attorney or government accountant, specializing in the U.S.'s complex tax laws

Degrees in Business

Degree programs in business, e-commerce and global business from accredited universities and colleges:

Business (General)Programs in business with specializations in business management, communication, marketing and sales, applied management, professional development, human resource management and more.
Business AdministrationPursue a career in business with these business administration programs from accredited universities.
E-CommerceUniversities and colleges offer accredited programs in e-commerce, e-business, electronic business systems and technologies, e-commerce project management, and more.
EntrepreneurshipLearn the skills and knowledge you need to start your own business. You might even be able to use your start-up idea as a case study in school.
International BusinessLooking for business with international and global focus? The following accredited universities offer degree and certificate programs in global business, international management, and international business.

Degrees in Leadership & Management

Degree programs in leadership and management from accredited universities and colleges:

Acquisitions & Contract ManagementPrepare for a dynamic career in finance, handling corporate mergers and acquisitions. Or get a stable, secure government job handling contracts with the private sector.
Applied ManagementA degree in applied management offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of management. Accredited universities offer these applied management degree programs.
Facilities ManagementStudy the specifics of property management, to oversee anything from construction projects to day-to-day management of apartment buildings, museums, healthcare facilities and more.
Human ResourcesPrograms, graduate and undergraduate certificate programs offered in human resource management (HR management) from these accredited colleges and universities.
Insurance & Risk ManagementUse your math skills as an actuary for an insurance company, helping them determine premiums. Or help major companies predict and avoid financial pitfalls as a risk management specialist.
Labor RelationsIn a specialized field of human resources, labor relations degrees teach you how to negotiate with labor unions and meet everyone's needs in a satisfactory manner.
Marketing ManagementLooking for a in marketing management, or looking to add to your career skills in marketing or management? These accredited universities and colleges offer degrees in marketing management.
Management & LeadershipFind programs in leadership, management and leadership, and organizational leadership.
Nonprofit ManagementPut your management skills to work for the greater good. Learn to handle fundraising, grant compliance, hiring and retention, and more.
Office AdministrationKeep everything running smoothly in any office with up-to-date knowledge of office technology, communication, organization, scheduling and more.
Operations ManagementLearn to handle the "back end" of any business with career training in management, procurement, contracts, IT, facilities management, transportation, logistics and more.
Organizational ManagementLooking for a career in organizational management? These accredited universities offer programs in organizational management.
Project ManagementPrograms in project management, and leadership and project management offered by accredited universities and colleges.
Retail ManagementRetail and Supply chain management and certificate programs . Subject areas include: logistics, acquisition, procurement and contract management, manufacturing and innovation, and more.
Safety & Quality ControlMake sure every product your company produces is safe for the public--and that all employees are physically safe in their jobs.
Sports ManagementDon't be an armchair quarterback anymore: learn the ins and outs of the dynamic sports industry with training in sports science, management, basic athletic medicine and business

Degrees in Communications, Relations, Marketing & Sales

Degree programs in sales and marketing from accredited universities and colleges:

Marketing & AdvertisingA degree in marketing and advertising will give you the skills to manage a sales team, develop effective marketing plans, and much, much more. Programs in marketing and sales from accredited universities and colleges.
Marketing ManagementLooking for a in marketing management, or looking to add to your career skills in marketing or management? These accredited universities and colleges offer degrees in marketing management.
Organizational PsychologyHelp design people-friendly organizational systems for a company, and apply the basic and advanced principles of psychology to today's complex workplace.
Public RelationsExplore the world of PR with a program in public relations. Learn about public relations, communications theory, government relations, communications management, and corporate communications.
Real EstatePrepare for a state license as a real estate agent or broker. Learn about local tax & zoning laws, financing options, negotiating strategies, marketing and more.
Retail & SalesPut your natural people skills to work in the sales sector, whether as a front-line salesperson or as a back office manager.

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