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Career Planning
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Graduate and undergraduate degree programs in art and design, fashion, fine art and craft, graphic design, interior desigb, photography and more.

Are you interested in an artistic career that rewards your creative talents? A degree in art and design can help you hone your artistic abilities and apply your skills in an industry with a wide variety of career options.

College Degrees for Artistic Careers

Going to art school can lead to a surprising range of careers. With a college degree in photography, for example, you could become an artistic director at an advertising agency or a freelance wedding photographer. Fine art or craft training could prepare you to make a living from your favorite hobby, and with a degree in music, you could compose, teach or work as a professional performer.

With the training you get in art school, you can develop a professional portfolio, learn to use popular software packages, and gain valuable hands-on experience in your field of choice.

Career Training with Design Degrees

Designers use their imagination to create new products, modify living spaces, and convey information in creative ways. Popular design degrees include:

  • Graphic design, including multimedia and Web design
  • Interior design and decoration, featuring computer-aided design (CAD) courses
  • Fashion design, along with fashion merchandising and marketing

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that graphic designers with bachelor's degrees and knowledge of computer design software will have the best career opportunities. Those who enter the fashion design industry stand to benefit from education and training as well, since the BLS expects slower-than-average job growth in the field through 2016.

Typical Arts & Design Salaries

While no degree or program can guarantee a particular salary, formal training can be key to bringing in that much-needed paycheck. The BLS reports that the median annual salary for fashion designers was $62,810 in 2007. That same year, graphic designers earned a median salary of $41,280, with interior designers pulling in $43,970.

If you're interested in beginning a career in art, design, or both, research the wide range of degrees that are available. Both broad-based and specialized educational programs offer the training you need to get your foot in the door.

Degrees in Art & Design

Degree programs in art & design from accredited universities and colleges:

FashionFashion Design, Fashion Merchandising
Film & TelevisionTheater History, Motion Pictures & Television
Fine Art & CraftArt, Jewelry Design, Furniture Design
Graphic DesignVisual Communications, Advertising & Commercial Design
Interior DesignUndergraduate & Diploma Programs in Interior Design
Multimedia & Web DesignDigital Design, Graphics, Animation
MusicMusic Education, Music Therapy, Music Technology
PhotographyFine Arts in Photography
Theater ArtsActing, Directing, Set Design

Art and Design Degree Programs

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