Known as the Capital District, the Tri-Cities, Capitaland, Metroland, and the Capital Region, Albany, Schenectady, and Troy form a triumvirate of commerce, legislation, and culture in upstate New York. The area is also sometimes condescendingly called "Smallbany" or "A City without a Good Chinese Restaurant" owing to the region's being overshadowed by neighboring Boston and New York.

Their combined population approaches 830,000 residents who earn a per capita income of $34,000 a year. Local highlights include the Albany Symphony Orchestra and an abundance of Victorian architecture (especially in Troy).

Although the area thrived during the textile years of the industrial revolution, the top employers today hail from some of the major corporate leaders in services, manufacturing, health care and communications. The top five employers (in descending order) are:

  • Environment Service Systems
  • Wipro Systems Ltd
  • Freedom Broadcasting of NY
  • Phone Solutions Llc
  • Greno Industries Inc

The region has enjoyed fairly steady growth from 1998 until 2005 with a total accumulation of 1.75% in employment (giving the Albany region the lowest unemployment rate in the area).

According to a New York state press release, business development and job growth, Albany, Schenectady, and Troy is predicted to be quite favorable in the coming years given the region's strong employment and its consistent focus on attracting new investors to join capitol area businesses like:

  • Northland Bus
  • Environment/One Corporation
  • Novabus Inc
  • Rely Health Care Services
  • Sealed Air Corporation

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