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As companies strive to compete in a global market and keep up with the latest technology, they typically look for strong managers who are knowledgeable of current business practices and can effectively organize the company's workforce and resources. Businesses traditionally want leaders with strong communication skills who are good at analyzing and solving problems, as well as thinking critically. A degree in management and leadership can provide you with the type of career training companies are looking for.

What is a Management and Leadership Degree?

A degree program in business management can prepare students to plan, manage, and run the practices of an organization. This leadership degree is typically offered at both the undergraduate or graduate level, giving those who are already trained in their field the opportunity to receive further career training and increase job opportunities and salary potential. Whether you are looking to further gain success in the business world or have a general interest in business, the management and leadership degree is a versatile degree that can be applied to nearly every industry.

Management and leadership degree programs can teach students about the current business practices and show them how to lead and organize employees, manage projects, and more. Coursework in the degree program may cover:

  • Business decision making
  • Communications
  • Logistics and purchasing
  • Quantitative methodology such as accounting, human resources, and administrative practices

Management degrees often are combined with studies in business administration, which focus more on practical application of business concepts. Through continued studies, students may pursue various positions as chief financial officer, chief information officer, chief executive officer, general and operations manager, and more.

A Management and Leadership Degree Can Advance Your Career

While three out of four of the top executives are employed in service-providing industries, a degree in business management and leadership can prepare students for a wide range of managing jobs in companies of types and sizes. Professionals with advanced degrees in business management can become qualified for high-level, high-paying jobs such as CEO, publisher, city manager, senior administrator, and more.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of top executives should be competitive. With only 2 percent expected job growth through 2016, a management and leadership degree could improve your job chances. Growth is expected in the scientific, professional, and technical fields. General and operations managers enjoyed a median annual salary of $103,780 in 2007 and top executives earned $151,370.

Some students may want to pursue advanced certification after completing their management and leadership degree. The Institute of Certified Professional Managers offers various certifications for managers. It consists of three courses as well as completion of certification exams.

Graduates of the management and leadership degree programs can receive career training that will build strong leadership qualities and the ability to improve the practices of the business. Those who exemplify such characteristics should have the best opportunities to succeed and begin their journey to the boardroom.

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