Online courses in financial planning education. Training topics include: certified financial planning, understanding financial statements, business finance, financial management, capital markets, personal financial planning, and more.

Financial Planning Certification & Financial Management Courses

Nearly all large businesses hire financial management graduates. These professionals supervise the preparation of company reports, manage cash flows, and create and implement growth strategies. As a financial manager, your advice would be used by companies who are interested in global expansion, mergers or consolidation. Banks, insurance agencies, credit unions, lending companies and investment firms recruit financial managers so heavily that three out of 10 financial managers work almost exclusively in these environments. A bachelor's degree is often enough to secure a job in these sectors, but some companies prefer a master's degree in economics, risk management, finance, or business administration. Employers also like their recruits to be knowledgeable about the particular sectors they are working in. You can expect good job opportunities after graduation, since the number of jobs in this field is expected to increase by 10% in the next decade. The real estate segment of financial management has experienced the fastest growth (32%), due to the recent housing boom. The next fastest-growing segment is insurance, which is expected to grow by nearly 20%.

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