Online courses, training, and diploma programs in accounting, and finance. Topics include: financial accounting, financial statements, financial planning, estate planning, tax preparation, QuickBooks, and more.

Online Accounting Courses

Accountants are responsible for the financial accounting and auditing activities of a business, such as overseeing the books, payroll, tax compliance, and the like. If you're great with numbers and a disciplined self-starter, then this lucrative career path is right for you.

What You'll Learn in Online Accounting Courses

You'll study all aspects of accounting in online accounting courses, including auditing, cost accounting, and individual and corporate taxation. You'll also hone your ability to work with accounting information systems. Accounting is a four-year degree or more if you choose the CPA path. However, accelerated and flexible study programs are available online. Also, short term, one or two-year online accounting courses prepare you for a para-professional accounting position, assisting in auditing and tax preparation.

Bright Prospects for Your Accounting Career

The combination of new federal accounting and auditing laws with increased degree requirements that effectively add an additional year to the CPA have created a dearth of accountants. As a result, accountants were the most in-demand of all college grads in 2005. Beginning accountants with Bachelor's Degrees in Accounting received starting salaries averaging $44,564, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Experienced corporate auditors are pulling down from $70-$85,000 on average. Regardless of your position, expect to work overtime during tax season if you choose accounting as your career.

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