Business Career Education Center

Business degrees offer a versatile education that can be used across multiple careers. Find out more about some career possibilities below.

Human Resource Managers

Human resource managers covers the gamut of the employee work cycle, including hiring, training, evaluating, and firing. HR professionals, for short, help handle conflicts and act as intermediaries between different parties.

Leadership Training

Leadership revolves around the ability to motivate people toward a common goal, an important skill every organization. Understanding the characteristics of capable leaders and developing those skills help in all facets of business, whether an individual is an employer or employee.

Public Relations

Public relations professionals not only draft press releases and build relationships with key media centers, they must also recognize the values of consumers and the community at large. As social media presence continues to intensify, public relations specialists must keep up with the latest trends and topics in the viral environment as well.


Accountants find employment in small, local firms as well as large, international corporations. They are needed to maintain financial records, making sure all monetary transactions are correctly recorded. Accountants usually strive for the title of Certified Public Accountant (CPA) after some entry-level experience.

Business Jobs

Business degree holders can ably perform a vast array of duties. The broad skill set developed through business-oriented degree programs lend a hand in careers in marketing, banking, administration, and consulting, among others.