5 College Degrees for Social Butterflies

Social butterflies come in all different breeds. Maybe you’re lost without your Facebook profile, or you’re addicted to gossip shows. Family and friends could be the most important part of your life, or you could get your social fix from parties and outings. Regardless of how your social skills have developed, have you ever thought about earning a college degree to make a career out of your talents?

Check out these five associate degrees for social butterflies, and find out how you can find your way into a career that really uses your skills. Wage statistics are by the Bureau of Labor Statistics unless otherwise noted.

Associate’s Degree in Nursing

Unlike some careers in the medical field that require a big school commitment, you can get into nursing with just an associate’s degree. Take courses in anatomy and biology, along with specialized fields like pediatric care or trauma nursing. As a nurse, you can put your people skills to work every day.

  • Career focus: Registered nurse
  • Ideal skills: Friendly, outgoing, organized
  • Mean annual wage: $65,130

Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice

If you’re hoping to make a difference in your line of work, criminal justice may be an excellent field to check out. Work with lawyers as a legal assistant, or directly with inmates as a probation officer. An associate’s degree in criminal justice can provide you with training where you can learn legal basics and terminology, procedures of the criminal justice system, and technical details of your chosen field.

  • Career focus: Correctional treatment specialist
  • Ideal skills: Focus, empathy, low-stress
  • Mean annual wage: $49,520

Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design

Use your artistic skill to create a network of happy clients as a graphic designer. You may work work directly with people interested in your art, creating Web sites, logos, and other material. Freelance graphic designers should be good at networking, and you shouldn’t be shy about showing off the strong portfolio you can build while enrolled in an associate’s degree in graphic design.

  • Career focus: Graphic designer
  • Ideal skills: Self-starting, networking, artistic
  • Mean annual wage: $46,750

Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts

Whether you want to own your own catering company or work as an executive chef, you should know the business side of the culinary arts. An associate’s degree in culinary arts can give you just that. Learn the details of marketing and managing as they specifically relate to food service. Your knowledge and people skills should come in handy when you’re placed in charge of a kitchen full of line cooks.

  • Career focus: Chef
  • Ideal skills: Low-stress, organized, headstrong
  • Mean annual wage: $42,410

Associate’s Degree in Fashion Design

A perfect career for social butterflies, this job mixes improving your artistic skill and the desire to make people look and feel their best. Make a statement every season with unique clothing, or excel in the practical fields of fashion marketing and design. An associate’s degree in fashion designcan give you business skills and a knowledge of fashion trends and topics.

  • Career focus: Fashion designer
  • Ideal skills: Interpersonal, artistic, networking
  • Mean annual wage: $71,400

Career Training for Employment Success

While associate’s degrees cannot guarantee a particular career or salary, hiring managers in the fields above often prefer to see formal education on the resumes they choose. With an online degree, you can study for a career you love without the social distractions of traditional campus. Earn your degree so that you can spread those wings, social butterfly!

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