Finding NCATE-Accredited Programs

Are there any NCATE accredited programs for a master’s degree in education available online?

Answer – I’m delighted to see that you are aware of the importance of accreditation. Your education is a great investment, but you don’t want to finish a program and discover that employers don’t acknowledge your degree. The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) knows your education is important. They want competent graduates like you coming from reputable programs. This is why you can find listings for accredited schools offering master’s degree programs on their site.

Now that you’ve compiled your list of NCATE-approved programs, it’s time to decide on your focus for the advanced degree. Do you want to concentrate on elementary education? Or perhaps curriculum and instruction? Your career goals play a big role in this process. Why do you want the degree? Do you want to be a better teacher? Do you want to transition to an administrative position? Maybe you want to go on to a PhD program and publish educational research?

When you know your direction, start talking to people in your chosen field. Who better to answer your questions? If you don’t yet have a mentor, find one. You can benefit greatly from being encouraged and guided by someone currently in your desired position.

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