What is a Joint Degree?

What does “joint degree” mean?

Colleges offer joint degree programs to students who wish to graduate with two college diplomas. Both college majors will be taken simultaneously, either at the same school or at an affiliated university. This way, you can finish both degrees in less time, compared to taking one degree program after the other.

Is a joint degree beneficial?

A joint degree makes you extremely attractive to employers that require combinations of special skills. In addition, completing a joint degree program boosts personal confidence and creates a powerful sense of achievement.

Are there disadvantages to joint degrees?

Depending on your college or university policies, you might have to take a larger course load each semester to stay on track. In addition, you might be sacrificing the opportunity to take a minor or to enjoy elective courses.

How do I decide if a joint degree is right for me?

Your personal interests and your career goals can help you decide whether to pursue a joint degree. Fortunately, if your interests change, you can always downshift to one major or the other quite easily.
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