What are Hybrid Programs?

What are distance learning hybrid programs?

Distance learning hybrid programs are those that combine learning both online and in a classroom. Certain skills can’t be taught entirely from a distance. Sometimes an instructor has to be physically present in order for students to get the most out of a lecture or demonstration. Sometimes the need to collaborate with fellow students is best achieved in close quarters. Many distance learning colleges understand this and offer hybrid programs.

Because the point of distance learning is to offer academic flexibility for working professionals, most of the institutions that offer hybrid programs try to minimize the time spent in physical classrooms. They often achieve this goal by hosting intense weekend retreats that cram all of the necessary classroom hours into one big session. This can work best for students because they often prefer to dedicate an entire weekend to completing their studies than a number of weeknights commuting to a school after work.

Hybrid programs are sometimes offered in conjunction with online-only courses. Students who like personal interaction with instructors and/or those who can get to a classroom on a weekend or weeknight may prefer a hybrid program. Others who can’t make it to the classroom because of work or family obligations or those that prefer to work autonomously can opt to finish their coursework entirely online.

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