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Do you turn into a critic when window shopping? Are you always up on the latest trends? Do you dream of decorating a storefront with your personal style? Do you live for the latest fashion magazine?

If you're interested in fashion but don't want to toil on someone else's label, a degree program in fashion merchandising can propel you to a high-powered marketing career or fashion executive. Students in fashion merchandising career training programs often use their skills in a management, buyer, or sales capacity.

A Career in Fashion Merchandising

Fashion merchandising is the business side of the fashion industry. Merchandising is a combination of style, trends, promotions, and marketing. The fashion world is an exciting and competitive career choice. Merchandising and promoting fashion trends, labels, models, and designers can be a glamorous job. Because this job is so high profile, stores and companies want to hire an experienced and well-trained promotions team. A college degree and/or specific training will make you a more attractive candidate. A career in fashion merchandising is typically well rounded. Most fashion executives have a very diverse background and have played multiple roles in the fashion industry before landing at the top. Variety in coursework, experience, and training can be very helpful in getting you the job you always wanted.

Training in Merchandising

The courses for merchandising training typically have a heavier emphasis on business and merchandising principles. In a training program you can expect coursework that includes: tracking sales, profit margins, evaluating competition, and researching new trends. A background or experience in computer analysis and spreadsheets would always be an advantage. The courses you study will not only benefit an organization, corporation, or store, but if you plan to work for yourself or for a small group, the training would be paramount. If you hope to sell your own product, career training in fashion merchandising could be a key strategy in your business plan.

Fashion Merchandising Online Degrees

There are a number of roles that would benefit from fashion merchandising training. Some of these positions are: store buyers and assistant buyers, sales associates, promotional designers, and the list continues. Furthermore, fashion is and always has been very popular; fashion positions may be competitive, but they are not going to disappear. Job growth should continue to be stable. Compensation for fashion merchandising can often be quite attractive because of salary and sometimes commissions. Although your background and experience can not guarantee a specific career or salary, combining your love of fashion with a college degree could make you an attractive candidate to potential employers and give you the opportunity to fulfill your career aspirations.

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