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Working Professional Doctor of Pharmacy Degree (Pharm.D.) Program

University of Florida Working Professional Doctor of Pharmacy Degree Program has been specifically designed to meet the needs of today's working professional. The program is comprised of nine semesters of study covering body system disorders. The program utilizes a combination of:
  • Group interaction
  • Multimedia Lecture Presentations
  • Internet based content and communication
  • Competency based evaluations

The University of Florida Working Professional Pharm.D. program is one of the best in the nation. For over seven years we've offered working pharmacists from around the world access to the same nationally respected Pharm.D. distance education that is provided on campus. This format allows students to maximize their time and energies spent in attaining their Doctor of Pharmacy degree without disrupting their lifestyle.

The University of Florida College of Pharmacy is among the top pharmacy schools in the nation.

U.S. News and World Report's ranking of the best colleges and universities in the country has consistently ranked the college's Doctor of Pharmacy program among the top 10. The College of Pharmacy has matured to a state of excellence:
  • 63 faculty members
  • 70 graduate student assistants
  • 520 pharmacy students on-campus
  • More than 500 students enrolled in the Working Professional Doctor of Pharmacy Degree Program

Why should I choose the University of Florida's working professional format?

"The University of Florida has the right idea! Each course is broken down by organ system: respiratory, cardiovascular, renal and others."

Greg Shanos, Pharm.D. WPPD Graduate May 1999
The program is comprised of nine semesters of study covering body system disorders. Each semester consists of three full days of group interaction, multimedia faculty lectures viewed by the student, competency-based clinical practice assessments, course material accessible through the Internet, and communication to faculty, professors, and fellow study group members via email.

Our nine-semester, multi-dimensional program consists of the following components:
  • Three (3) group interaction/clinical days per semester in your local area.
  • Expert video presentations that you view when most convenient to your schedule.
  • Longitudinal patients are used in most of the courses. It is one of the several ways that clinical requirements are completed. Students complete a number of clinical practice assessments throughout the program; these are flexible and compatible with busy work schedules.
  • Internet-based curriculum with frequent e-mail interactions between professors and students.
  • You will benefit from the long heritage of academic excellence of the University of Florida College of Pharmacy by being exposed to some of the finest experts in the world.
"Because I can incorporate my experiential class assignments into my everyday work experience, I really feel this program helps me provide my patients with the best pharmaceutical care I can give them."

Shannon Womack, Pharm.D. WPPD Graduate, May 1999
The Pharm.D. degree and the Multi-Model Delivery System By 2005 all entry-level pharmacists will hold the PharmD degree. While most working professional PharmD programs just bridge the degree gap, the advanced content of the University of Florida program complements your practice experience for a higher level of competence and autonomy. With a focus on proactive disease state management, you will learn a consultative approach to identifying drug-related problems and systematically applying drug knowledge to resolve and prevent these problems.

You access your coursework online anytime and anywhere with occasional opportunities to meet with a small learning community of your peers and a professional facilitator at convenient regional sites. Readings, DVD/CD multimedia presentations, group discussions, and local clinical practice assessments comprise a highly interactive and engaging distance learning experience. With unprecedented completion rates that exceed 92%, you will be able to complete this 3-year program on time and continue to take care of your work, family, and personal responsibilities.

Doctor of Pharmacy

Program Length

You can complete our program in as little as three years (9 semesters, 3 courses per year).

Enrollment Status

Pharmacists may enroll in the Working Professional Doctor of Pharmacy Degree Program as either degree-seeking or non-degree seeking students:
"The WPPD program has been extremely interesting and rewarding. I truly have 'come a long way, baby' from the days when one of my first undergraduate pharmacy classes was 'How to roll pills.' An entirely new career has been opened for me. I'm working with patients and acting as a consultant to physicians and other health professionals. I've never enjoyed being a pharmacist as much as I do now. My advice to others of my era: it's never too late. Experience gives you an edge in dealing with new challenges."

Marsha Lynn WPPD Student
Degree-seeking students have applied to and been officially accepted into the program by the College of Pharmacy Admissions Committee. Students in this status have all of the rights and privileges of any University of Florida student as described in the University catalog. All credits earned are applied to the completion of the degree.

Non-Degree seeking students have not been officially accepted into the program by the Admissions Committee. Pharmacists often use this status to begin their study while finalizing the admissions process. Pharmacists may be a non-degree seeking student for only ONE semester. During this one semester, the student must complete the application process and be admitted to the Working Professional Doctor of Pharmacy Degree Program in order to continue to take pharmaceutical care courses. The pharmaceutical care course taken as a non-degree seeking student will be counted toward the Doctor of Pharmacy degree upon admission to the program.

Admissions Requirements

Admission to the program is limited to pharmacists holding U.S. licensure, with a preference at this time to graduates of B.S. in Pharmacy programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).

The successful applicant must be practicing and preferably have access to patients.

To earn the Doctor of Pharmacy degree, the student must be accepted into the program by the Admissions Committee.

Financial Aid


Currently, there is no federal financial aid available to students in the WPPD program. However, there are some private lending institutions that lend money to non-traditional students to cover educational expenses. One of these organizations is P.L.A.T.O. If you would like information about obtaining a loan through P.L.A.T.O., call (800) GO-PLATO.


The McKesson Scholarship is a full tuition scholarship granted by the McKesson Drug Company for one student enrolled in the Working Professional Doctor of Pharmacy Degree Program. The scholarship will be administered by the College of Pharmacy Financial Aid and Awards Committee. To be considered, you must have been most recently practicing in a community pharmacy setting, you must be a Florida resident and you must have a business working relationship with the McKesson Drug Company. The selection will be based primarily on financial need.

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