Online Computer Training Courses

Computers and technology are more prevalent in the workplace than ever before. Therefore, it's important to gain a basic understanding of computers in order to remain competitive. Learn about online computer training courses and how you could benefit.

Online computer training courses can assist a prospective student in keeping abreast of the innovations and changes in technology and pick up new computer literacy skills.

Topics covered in these courses can include high-level networking certifications, cyber security, Adobe Creative Suite, web development and computer programming. Students can also learn about essential software programs such as Excel, QuickBooks and more.

Skills learned in online computer training courses

Skills learned in computer courses may vary depending on specific course and its focus. For example, basic computer literacy courses typically focus on skills like keyboarding, internet navigation and Microsoft Office. The curricula for some of the more advanced computer training courses can touch on some of the following subjects:

  • Database development
  • Web and video game design
  • Computer programming
  • WordPress CMS

Applying skills in the workplace

The skills associated with computer literacy are relevant across a variety of different fields. O*NET Online's database lists 923 occupations whose daily work activities include interacting with computers. Out of those occupations, 272 are ranked as being of 80-percent importance or higher by O*NET.

For example, secretaries and administrative assistants typically need to have basic computer skills in order to gain employment, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). BLS data also indicates that some jobs in health care require a certain level of computer competency on account of increasing use of digitized health records.

Having a basic understanding of information technology and computers can also be a first step towards pursuing a career as a computer programmer, computer hardware engineer, computer support specialist, computer systems analyst, database administrator, or information security analyst. All of these roles first require a basic understanding of computers and information technology.

To find out more about some of the specific computer training courses available, be sure to check out the courses on offer below.


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