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Marketing degree programs provide students with an opportunity to take courses and gain skills in a variety of subject matters, such marketing research, sales, advertising, and strategy. Students may work toward a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in business or business administration and concentrate their studies in marketing. Full-time students generally complete the degree program in four years.

Online Bachelor's Degree in Marketing: Coursework and Overview

In addition to marketing electives, students take required general education classes and courses in other areas of business, such as accounting and finance. Curriculum varies by program, but there is an array of courses commonly offered across schools. Examples of these courses are detailed below:

Marketing Degree Electives

  • Marketing Research: Students learn how to collect, analyze, and interpret marketing research for decision-making purposes in marketing. Examples of topics that courses address include problem formulation, research design, and sampling.
  • International/Global Marketing: Courses explore methods of adapting and targeting marketing strategies for international markets. For example, students examine how cultural differences affect marketing initiatives in other countries.
  • Sports Marketing: Students apply marketing concepts and strategy to situations regarding the sports industry. Specific concepts commonly covered within a sports context include sponsorship, public relations, and media.
  • Marketing Strategy: Students learn how to develop and implement strategic components of a marketing plan, such as pricing and promotion.
  • Sales Management: Courses aim to provide students with skills important to sales managers, particularly in regards to selecting, recruiting, training, motivating, compensating, and supervising a sales force.

Non-marketing Courses

  • Business Communications: Students develop their oral and written communications skills and learn effective techniques in applying those skills to business situations. For example, students may apply their writing skills when drafting business letters or reports.
  • Statistics: Generally a requirement for undergraduate business and marketing programs, statistics courses teach students how to calculate and interpret data such as probability and correlation. Schools often offer specialized courses in business statistics.
  • Psychology: In introductory courses, students gain an understanding of major psychology concepts, such as behavior, cognition, and learning.

Potential Careers for Individuals with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing

Although a bachelor's degree cannot guarantee employment in a marketing career, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (, it is often a requirement. Below are examples of potential careers toward which one may apply a marketing degree:

  • Market research analysts track and forecast marketing and sales trends and assess the impact of marketing strategies. They also collect and analyze data regarding market conditions, consumers, and competitors. Students interested in this career can learn effective research tools and study how to interpret market data through marketing research courses. As states, courses in statistics, marketing, and research methods are also important for this career.
  • Survey researchers plan, design, and conduct surveys and analyze the data using statistical methods. They also take into account and resolve sampling issues. According to, taking business courses in marketing or consumer behavior in addition to courses in survey methodology, statistics, and psychology can help prepare students for this career.
  • Advertising sales agents, also known as account executives or advertising sales representatives, contact potential clients for advertising services and detail how certain types of advertising can help clients promote their product or service. In addition to preparing promotional plans and sales literature, they also develop and deliver sales presentations to clients. Although a bachelor's degree is not required for advertising sales agent positions, notes that a degree is often preferred. Students pursuing this career can benefit from courses in advertising, marketing, and communications.
  • Marketing managers detect potential markets for a company's products and also forecast demand for industry products and services. Additionally, marketing managers create pricing strategies for profit and market share maximization that do not compromise customer satisfaction. According to, students aiming for a marketing manager career can benefit from courses in management, economics, accounting, finance, and statistics. Positions generally call for a bachelor's degree and previous work experience.
  • Sales managers direct firms' sales teams and design training programs for sales representatives. They also set sales goals, analyze sales statistics, prepare budgets, and approve expenditures. Aspiring managers can take a sales management class, and recommends coursework in marketing, management, statistics, economics, accounting, and finance. Employers of sales management positions often require at least one to five years of professional experience.

Pursuing a career is not the only option students have after earning their bachelor's degree. They may also consider a specialized master's degree or a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in marketing. Some employers may even require candidates to have a graduate degree to qualify for a marketing-related position. For example, reveals that a master's degree is often a requirement for market research analyst positions. Students interested in working toward a master's degree or MBA should seek advice from an admissions counselor regarding their qualifications and next steps.

Individuals who would like further information on earning a bachelor's degree in marketing can check out the Guide to Majors in Marketing.

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