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Find information on over 100,000 scholarships. No login required. Kaarme NEVER sells or leases student's data.

Kaarme is a free networking and information site where students connect with higher education. Students, athletes, parents and counselors use Kaarme's tools to reach out to prospective schools and scholarships, engaging in two-way communication with college admissions officers, coaches and counselors. Kaarme provides the most advanced student profile available and a comprehensive student search system to enable students, colleges, coaches and counselors to connect and find the optimal match.

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: Once you've created your unique E-Profile, the sophisticated search technology goes to work, instantly combing through all of the awards in the Scholarship Experts Award Database. The system then generates a complete list of awards with eligibility criteria that matches your E-Profile.ScholarshipExperts.com
Scholarship Experts helps both college students and college-bound high school students with time-saving scholarship search tools and offers fast and efficient search technology and accurate, reliable search results without compromising student privacy. Here's how it works:

  • The Search Results: Your search results are categorized for easy access and are instantly listed on the Search Results page. You will have unlimited access to these search results any time you revisit the Scholarship Experts website for a FULL YEAR after you become a member.
  • The Award Data: Each award found in the search results list has been researched and entered or updated by an expert data research analyst within the past academic year. The scholarships are listed with detailed, helpful information such as: requirements, application deadline dates, award amounts, number of awards given annually, award providers and contact information.
  • The Application Request Tool: After reviewing the detailed information for each award, simply decide which scholarships you would like to obtain application information for. You'll save even more time by using our Application Request Tool, a unique service available for both Silver and Gold Members.

Scholarship Experts offers both domestic and international scholarship search services.Award categories include:

  • National
  • State
  • Local
  • Institutional
  • International - Global
  • International - Location-Specific
  • International - Institutional

Why use Scholarship Experts? Guaranteed privacy, sophisticated search tools and data management systems make Scholarship Experts unequalled in the scholarship search domain. No other search service will deliver faster, more tailored search results than Scholarship Experts!

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At eStudentLoan.com you can compare student loans, learn about financial aid, search for scholarships and apply online. You'll find student loan and financial aid information for: high school students, undergraduate students, graduate students, parents, adult students and international students.

EasyAid.com provides information about all aspects of the financial aid process, from grants to loans to scholarships. You can visit the "Ask the Expert" page and you will usually get an answer within a day if you have any questions regarding financial aid or student eligibility.

GraduateResumes.com offers a database of over 9,000 Canadian scholarships and awards representing over $57,000,000.

International Finance Education Corporation
The International Education Finance Corporation (IEFC) offers a range of international student loan programs for the growing population of students who wish to study in foreign countries.

International Scholarships
InternationalScholarships.com offers financial aid resources for international students wishing to study in a foreign country. At the site you'll find comprehensive listings of grants, scholarships, loan programs, and other information to assist students in their pursuit to study abroad.

Nellie Mae
Nellie Mae is a leading national provider of higher education loans for students and parents. Established in 1982, Nellie Mae provides federal loans under the Federal Family Education Loan Program (Stafford and PLUS Loans) and privately funded loans for students and families.

Scholarships.com offers free college scholarship searches for undergraduate and graduate students. Simply complete an online personalized profile that is compared against our database of over 600,000 college scholarships, grants, fellowships, and internships from over 8,000 sources, totaling over $1.4 billion.

ScholarshipsCanada.com is Canada's most comprehensive scholarship portal. Search through their extensive database to find scholarships, student awards, bursaries and grants. You'll also find information about student loans, applications and budget planning.

Scholarship Search UK
Scholarship Search UK provides a free search facility for all undergraduate students wanting to study in the UK, whatever nationality.

U.S. Department of Education
The U.S. Department of Education Student Financial Assistance Programs are the largest source of student aid in America, providing over $83 billion a year in grants, loans, and work-study assistance. At this site you'll find help for every stage of the financial aid process, whether you're in school or out of school.