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Despite widespread mechanization and automation, the modern workplace is still filled with potential hazards. From manufacturing plants to business offices, quality control, safety guidelines, and stress reduction remain of paramount importance. Not only are specialists in this field concerned with on-the-job safety, but they also focus on ensuring quality and consistency in the products and services that are produced in these work environments. Poorly manufactured products and work-related injuries both have adverse effects on a company's bottom line. As such, health and safety specialists and technicians provide invaluable services in the modern workplace.

Quality control and safety specialists cover a wide range of jobs, but the bulk of their duties include ensuring the safety of buildings, monitoring offices for stressful work conditions, or helping keep workers free from on-the-job injuries. Employee safety is a top concern for many occupational safety and health workers, but some also monitor the environmental safety of a business. For example, an occupational safety and health worker may be responsible for ensuring the company is following all laws regarding environmental output.

Degrees in Occupational Safety and Quality Control

Although it is possible to enter this field with tenure, experience, and on-the-job training alone, an increasing number of employers require that you have a bachelor's degree in the field. Alternatively, you can pursue formal training in related fields such as engineering, biology, chemistry, medicine, industrial hygiene, or environmental studies. Thereafter, you are encouraged to secure voluntary certification from any number of local, state, and federal boards. If you plan on pursuing supervisory, academic, or research positions, you might consider a master's degree.

Coursework for a degree in occupational safety usually includes public speaking, biology, psychology, and environmental education. Graduates have many positions available to them, including ergonomist, industrial hygienist, and loss control officer.

Online Career Training

Much of the theoretically legwork for this degree can be pursued via online education from the comfort of a home or office computer. However, because hands-on experience is essential, you should consider supplementing any distance-based degrees with real-world internships and apprenticeships, both during and after graduation.

Career Options for Health and Safety Specialists and Technicians

Occupational safety and health specialists work in many settings, from chemical plants to corporate offices. Most work for government agencies, but a growing number of private sector jobs are available as well. In addition, many work independently as consultants. From 2006 to 2016, experts predict that job growth for the industry could keep pace with the national average for all other occupational fields (roughly 9 percent).

Salary Potential for Health and Safety Specialists and Technicians

Salary ranges for this occupational field are encouraging, with the median income hovering around $55,000 in 2006. Interestingly, the highest paying jobs tend to be in the public sector at the federal level, with the median salary approaching $70,000. To secure these positions, however, be prepared to complete one of the voluntary certifications mentioned above.

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