Manscaping: How an Esthetician Keeps a Man Well-Groomed

What is Manscaping?

Male grooming is becoming increasingly important in our society. Fewer men each year have careers in manual labor, as more move in to office and executive positions. The rise of the "metrosexual" has translated into a huge demand for skin, hair, and body care products for men.

There are several differences between male and female skin, so it is vital that cosmetology school students develop an innate understanding of each. Male grooming, also known as "manscaping," procedures are studied and practiced in nearly all modern cosmetology and esthetician schools.

Men seek out body grooming and skin care services for a number of reasons:

  • Corporate employment and career advancement
  • Pride in personal appearance
  • Social motivations or dating aspirations
  • Cooling off in hot weather
  • Musculature enhancement
  • Hair removal for reduction in wind and water resistance (athletes)
  • Interest in current societal trends and fashions

Manscaping: Skin Care

Skin care is an esthetician's primary responsibility for all clients, including men. Male-specific procedures taught in beauty school include:

  • Chemical peels/Laser treatments: To reduce fine lines and age spots
  • Facials: For both relaxation and skin tone/appearance. Social and emotional benefits of a facial are appreciated by women and men alike
  • Waxing/Hair removal: On the body and on the face. Eyebrow waxing is becoming a highly popular procedure for men looking for a neater brow appearance

Esthetician Considerations in Manscaping

Just as with female clients, the esthetician procedures used with male clients include proper sanitation techniques, comprehensive assessments and evaluations, and decisions on the best methods and products to use on the client's hair and skin type.

Even before esthetician school, you likely noticed some key differences between men's and women's skin and hair. Cosmetology school courses discuss these differences in greater detail:

  • Thicker hair: Men have thicker hair than women, which makes some methods of hair removal more painful. You can offer numbing creams or soak the area well in warm water before waxing
  • Tougher skin: Male skin, although always unique to the individual, often needs stronger treatment formulations to achieve the same results as a weaker formula on women's thinner skin
  • Thicker nails: Most men have thicker nails than women. This affects cosmetologists who work as nail technicians

Most cosmetology schools offer discussion and practice training on men and their specific cosmetological needs. Your communication manner with male customers may differ, as well. As with female clients, it always depends on each individual's personality. Seek plenty of practice in cosmetology school by working with male models and volunteers, and you will feel well qualified to perform manscaping services in your career as an esthetician.

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